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L. Ron Hubbard or not? (1972): Introduction, The years 1972, 1977 & 1982, Stanford Research Institute, Remote-Viewing, Original OT VIII,.

Scientology: Tracking the whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard.

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  • July 1972 - Wikipedia July 1, 1972 (Saturday) John N. Mitchell, who had resigned as the United States Attorney General to head the Committee to Re-elect the President, quit that job.
  • Researching Customary International Law, State Practice. Researching Customary International Law, State Practice and the Pronouncements of States regarding International Law. by Silke Sahl. Silke Sahl is the International.
  • The Zionist Terror Network (Book) In 1975, 21-year-old JDL member David Kamaiko hijacked an executive helicopter in New York City, demanding $2 million ransom to buy guns for the JDL.
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