Royalty Magazine No Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ROYAL WEDDING

An open letter from the Fug Girls to Meghan Markle, offering sympathy for the antics of her extended family, who threaten to ruin the Royal Wedding.

Our Condolences to Meghan Markle, Whose Own Clan May Be.

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  • The most beautiful royal weddings through the years. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, 1956. Another double wedding! The American actress and her Monegasque love held two celebrations as is the custom in Monaco.
  • How the royals really look without makeup - Princess Beatrice, the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson — and therefore seventh in line for the throne (until the next wee royal is born.
  • Royal Family Line of Succession — British Royal Family Tree Of the Queen's children, Prince Andrew, 58, is the one caught who's been up in the most 'controversies' over time — seriously, the Wikipedia section.
  • Sarah, Duchess of York - Wikipedia On 19 March 1986, Prince Andrew (fourth in line to the throne at the time) and Sarah Ferguson announced their engagement. Prince Andrew had known Ferguson since.
  • How Meghan Markle's Royal Endorsement Is Helping Birks. Meghan Markle arrives to Edinburgh Castle with Prince Harry on February 13, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by James Glossop – WPA Pool/Getty Images)
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