PHILLIPS 20th Century Contemporary Art Evening May 2017

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  • L art contemporain chinois, un double miroir. 国际市场上最知名的中国艺术家 Peintures, sculpture, œuvres des plus grands artistes chinois contemporains : leur place sur le marché, leur actualité. Works of most renowned Chinese contemporary.
  • CV | Alexis Rockman Menu . Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. Download complete CV
  • Fringe Projects Fringe Projects are temporary public artworks commissioned in downtown Miami.
  • A Basquiat Sells for ‘Mind-Blowing’ $110.5 Million at. It was Mr. Maezawa, the 41-year-old founder of Contemporary Art Foundation, who last year set the previous auction high for Basquiat, paying $57.3 million.
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  • Victoria Reichelt Victoria Reichelt studied Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, graduating in 2005 having completed her Doctor of Visual Arts with a semester research
  • The Biggest-Selling Artist at Auction Is a Name You May. If asked, “Who is the biggest-selling artist at auction?” few people in the art world would answer “Zhang Daqian.” But works by this Chinese.
  • Asian art, Oriental art, Asian antiques Exhibitions on. Asian art exhibitions from museums, galleries and universities can be found in these Asian Arts exhibitions pages. is pleased to host these features.
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