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James Patterson (ur. 22 marca 1947 w Newburgh w stanie Nowy Jork) – amerykański pisarz, autor thrillerów i powieści kryminalnych. James Patterson należy do.

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  • James Patterson - Wikipedia James Brendan Patterson (born March 22, 1947) is an American author and philanthropist. Among his works are the Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women's Murder Club.
  • Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel: James Patterson, Peter. Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel [James Patterson, Peter de Jonge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Just when we need some magic in our.
  • Miracle on the 17th Green - James Patterson Just when we need some magic in our lives, bestselling author James Patterson and Peter de Jonge bring us a stirring tale of life, love, and the power of miracles.
  • James Patterson - Wikipedia James Patterson (Newburgh, 22 marzo 1947) è uno scrittore statunitense. Considerato uno dei più importanti autori di thriller del nostro tempo, è noto in.
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  • James Patterson – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre James Brendan Patterson (Newburgh, 22 de março de 1947) é um autor best-seller norte-americano de romances de suspense e policial, amplamente conhecido por sua.
  • James Patterson - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre James B. Patterson (Newburgh, 22 de marzo de 1947) escritor estadounidense de novelas de suspense conocido sobre todo por sus libros del agente del FBI Alex Cross.
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